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July 31, 2019
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September 28, 2019

The Christian God

The Most Irrational Idea of All Time from Christianity: The Devil’s Greatest Trick, Adam Weishaupt.

When the Christian Bishop Nestorius taught that Jesus Christ was effectively two persons in one body – Jesus the man and Jesus the Son of God – he was condemned for heresy. Nestorius maintained that Mary was the mother of the man and not of God. She would have to be a Goddess to have given birth to a God, he said.

The official teaching was that Jesus was one person with two distinct natures (divine and human) and two distinct wills (and presumably two distinct intellects). Mary was the mother of the person Jesus Christ who was both perfect human and God, hence Mary was rightly to be called the Mother of God.

Baffled? It’s not as baffling as the concept of the Holy Trinity. Whereas it was heresy to assert that Jesus Christ was two distinct persons in one body, it is orthodoxy to assert that God is three distinct persons in one being (one substance, one essence). Jews, Muslims and Unitarians have never tired of ridiculing the concept of the Trinity.

One thing’s for sure, these three persons in one are never allowed to disagree. If they did, they would represent different Gods. Therefore, any decision taken by one is taken by all three. Jesus Christ is always responsible and accountable for everything done by Yahweh in the Old Testament. He is not different from the God who ordered Abraham to perform human sacrifice on Isaac. That was his decision; his order.

Christianity has a fatal logical deficiency – Jesus Christ. Because their God doesn’t come down to earth and get killed and resurrected, the Jews and Muslims don’t have to twist their doctrine of monotheism. Once you have the concept of an incarnate God who dies, you’re in absolutely non-monotheistic territory.

Christianity is a misguided attempt to blend monotheism with paganism and that has proved both its greatest strength and deadliest weakness. It was able to appeal to Romans, Greeks and Egyptians – to the whole pagan world – in a way that would have been impossible if Christianity had been strictly monotheistic. But the price it paid was in being logically incoherent.

However, in a world of irrational people, people who are much more attuned to Mythos (story) than Logos (reason) – what does logic matter? Christianity told a compelling, emotive story – like an ancient myth brought to life – and hence conquered the world. But it was bull$#!t from beginning to end. Its irrationality and covert, and often overt, evil has been a catastrophe for the world.