Grammatical Vs. Biological gender: John 1:1

Who or What was “with God”? John 1:1
January 18, 2021
According to scholars God is One Person!
January 18, 2021

Grammatical Vs. Biological gender: John 1:1

Just because Logos is a Greek masculine noun, doesn’t make it a person.

Because grammatical gender should not be confused with biological gender, e.g., just because the word child in Greek is neuter doesn’t mean we’re talking about a thing, an it.

That’s why all [8?] English translations from the Greek [not the Latin Vulgate] before the 1611 KJV refer to the logos as an it and not he or him.

This understanding is still reflected in some modern-day translations and paraphrases like:

  • The Amplified Bible (1965 & 1987 update);
  • A Translation in the Language of the People (Williams);
  • Original Aramaic NT in Plain English:

“The Word was God Himself.”

  • Scholars Version (The Five Gospels), 1993;
  • The Complete Gospels: Annotated Scholars Version (1992)

“The Divine word and wisdom was there with God, and it was what God was.”