Dec. 3. Thursday night

Anthony F. Buzzard — 8:00 PM

Title: The Prophet Jesus

Dan Gill — 9:00 PM

Title: Should We Worship Jesus?

Dec. 4. Friday night

Joe Martin — 8:00 PM

Title: The Seed of the Woman, The Son of Man

Tracy Zhykovich — 9:00 PM

Title: Human Messiah Jesus - The Man & His Message

Dec. 5. Saturday morning

Alane Rozelle — 10:00 AM

Title: A Human Jesus for Dummies

Robin Todd — 11:00 AM

Title: To Be a Man

Ephraim Gill — 12:00 PM

Title: The First and the Last Adam - From Eden to the Tree of Life - A Biblical Survey

Saturday night

Carlos Xavier — 8:00 PM

Title: As-a-man Christology