Sir Anthony F. Buzzard

Biography: He was born in England and holds degrees in Modern Languages (French, German) from Oxford Univiversity, a Diploma in Biblical Hebrew from the University of Jerusalem and a Masters in Theology from Bethany Theological Seminary. He taught languages at the American School in London and theology and Biblical languages (Hebrew, Greek) for more than 25 years at Atlanta Bible College, Georgia. He co-authored The Doctrine of the Trinity: Christianity’s Self-Inflected Wound with Charles Hunting and has published many other books including Jesus Was Not a Trinitarian. He served as co-editor of A Journal from the Radical Reformation and is the current editor of the monthly Focus on the Kingdom magazine. Which is now in its 22nd year.


Dan Gill

Biography: Dan has been called to ministry for over 40 years. He and his wife, Sharon, have been a part of Higher Ground (White House, TN) since its beginning in 1980. As well as being a pastor for Higher Ground Church, Dan speaks and teaches around the United States as well as internationally. Dan is also the Editor-in-Chief and frequent contributor to 21st Century Reformation Online. He is the author of The One – In Defense of God which is available on Amazon.com.


Ephraim Gill

Biography: Born in Filderstadt, near Stuttgart, Germany, Ephraim was raised in a Christian home and currently works for the traffic authority.

Joe Martin

Biography: In 2017 Joe retired as President and Executive Director of COGGC. He's still teaching through Zoom, distance learning, at Atlanta Bible College. Joe and Rebekah moved to Arizona to be near family. He received his doctorate from Columbia Theological Seminary, and one of his masters is from Fuller Theological Seminary. He recently published on Amazon, a short book, Simply God, YHWH 6,828. He still teaches and preaches at different times.

Alane Rozelle

Biography: Grew up in Church of God-Abrahamic Faith in Indiana; wandered around Central America for six or so years after Purdue U.; attended Atlanta (Oregon) Bible College where I met the illustrious Sir Anthony Buzzard and family; finished Master's in Spanish at Central Michigan University; presently am ELL support in a high school career tech center. I like to take long-distance bike trips in the summer and my greatest accomplishment and joy is having raised 4 children to successful adulthood.

Robin Todd

Biography: He lives in Olympia, Washington with his wife, Marisa. Children and grandchildren are also nearby. Robin has an Associate Degree in Theology and Ministry from the Atlanta Bible College which he completed eight years ago at age 60. He is pastor of the Western Washington Church of God, a congregation of the Church of God General Conference in McDonough, Georgia. Previous to starting that congregation eight years ago, Robin began the Scattered Brethren Network, which has sought to connect like-minded Biblical Unitarians together for fellowship, and to promote the Biblical faith. To that end he has a website at www.scatteredbrethren.org, and a Facebook page on which he has a weekly livestream (search on Facebook for Scattered Brethren Network).


Carlos Xavier

Biography: Born in Nicaragua, Carlos grew up as an agnostic in Australia, before becoming a Christian unitarian in 2006. He currently lives and works from Atlanta, GA with Restoration Fellowship. He also hosts a bi-weekly Q&A with Sir Anthony Buzzard, and has hosted notable Evangelical scholars like Larry Hurtado, Daniel Kirk, historian Richard Rubenstein. As well as debated trinitarian apologists like Jonathan McLatchie and Mark Spengler Jr. Carlos currently manages the following sites:




Tracy Zhykovich

Biography: Tracy is a career missionary who served in Russia for nearly 20 years. She continues to serve alongside many scattered brethren and helps to encourage and strengthen them. Her website engages in internet evangelism and connects believers around the world. She's president of the MN Missionary Society and runs an equine ministry/business (www.hh-familyfarm.com). She lives in Oak Park, MN with her husband and 3 children.