January 3, 2020

God is One Soul, One Person!

The Hebrews and Greeks did indeed have a word for a person. It is the word we most often see translated as “soul.”  When the Bible […]
January 3, 2020

Adonai or adoni? We do know!

The 6,828 occurrences of YHVH never appear as kurios mou  (my lord) in the LXX, the Greek version of the NT which is very frequently cited […]
December 13, 2019

Concerning Christmas Carols

by J. R. Griffiths, Mus. BAC. It is now generally admitted that our manner of spending Christmas is very largely a perpetuation of customs prevailing not […]
December 13, 2019

The Loss of the Messianic Jesus in the Early Struggles over Christology

by Anthony Buzzard From the early second century, or even earlier in the days of John, and calling forth John’s impassioned plea to stay with Jesus […]
December 13, 2019

The Virgin Birth in John 1:13

Many of the early and late so-called Church Fathers applied John 1:13 to the virgin birth of Jesus and not the spiritual rebirth of the Christian. […]
October 30, 2019

“Yet God is only one Person.”

The following translation/paraphrase of Galatians 3:20 from the Amplified Bible, Classic Edition, is quite amazing: “There can be no mediator with just one Person. Yet God […]
October 30, 2019

Yahweh texts applied to Moses

Moses said honor your parents (Mar 7.10) but God said it (Mat 15.4); Moses says (Mar 12:26) but God said it (Mat 22:31); Moses gave the […]
October 30, 2019

John 1:13 Virgin Birth Corruption

From The Cambridge History of the Bible vol. 1. THE VALUE OF VERSIONAL ATTESTATION It is basic to the hypothesis of change in this period and […]
September 28, 2019

Why is Israel is described as “him” in the Old Testament

The central answer to this question is that the word “Israel” is always a “masculine, singular” noun in biblical Hebrew. One of the basic studies for […]
September 28, 2019

If Jesus Is God, What Does This Say About God?

by Carol Siders God became sin for us!! And God made God who had no sin to become sin for us so that in God we […]
September 28, 2019

The Christian God

The Most Irrational Idea of All Time from Christianity: The Devil’s Greatest Trick, Adam Weishaupt. When the Christian Bishop Nestorius taught that Jesus Christ was effectively […]
July 31, 2019

The one throne of God and the Lamb in Revelation.

“Nothing accursed will be found there anymore. The throne of God and of the Lamb will be in it, and his servants will worship him.” Revelation […]

There is one mediator between the One God and human beings, Jesus the Messiah, himself human.