According to scholars God is One Person!

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January 18, 2021
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February 19, 2021

According to scholars God is One Person!

“The Jews, the people of God, have always considered him as one person only, that is, one in a numerical sense.”​ John Milton’s Last Thoughts on the Trinity, 1600s.

“The Lord our God, even the Lord, is One: eis, One Person.​ For there is One God, and there is none other but He: Not, no other than his Substance, but personally, no other than He.​ The Scripture, when it mentions the One God, or the Only God, always means the Supreme Person of the Father.”​ The Works of Samuel Clark, 1738.

“The OT is strictly monotheistic. God is a single personal being. The idea that a Trinity is to be found there is utterly without foundation.”​ L.L. Paine, A Critical History of the Evolution of Trinitarianism, 1900, p 4.

“The heart of Old Testament monotheism is found in the fact that Yahweh, i.e. the definite Person with a proper name.”​ Rahner, Theological Investigations: God, Christ, Mary, and Grace, 1961, p 92.

“God is always a Person and stands without a rival.”​ The New Bible Handbook, Manley, 1965.

“For a Jew the word God could mean one Person only.”​ D.E.H. Whiteley, The Theology of St. Paul, 1972, p 106.

“There is only one supreme and true God, and He is a Person.”​ Illustrated Bible Dictionary, 1980, p 571.

“Tertullian replaced the theos estin eis [God is one Person] by theos estin en [God is one what].”​ The Trinity and the Kingdom: The Doctrine of God, Jürgen Moltmann, 1980, p 138.

“Yahweh is not the brand name of a cosmic corporation. He is one God, our God, and Yahweh is his personal name.”​ C. J. Wright, Deuteronomy: Understanding the Bible Commentary Series, 1994.

“God is a highly resourceful and capable person.”​ Pinnock, Most Moved Over: A Theology of God’s Openness, 2001, p 100.

“Yahweh and God are synonyms [and] the concept of God includes the concept of person and is shaped by it.”​ Word Biblical Commentary on the word theos, 1982–2014.

“There was shown to Israel but one personal Jehovah.”​ Fessenden, A Theoretic Explanation of the Science of Sanctity, 2015.